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All our yesterdays!
Thanks to all the people who have loaned us copies of old ATV books, they have now been scanned and converted into PDF files. These are available for download from our web site. The aye also availabe on the ISSUU site for online reading. They are old and the chips may be obsolete, and any PCB's long gone, but they are part of the spirit of ATV. (October 2018)
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Broken DX record!
Known Digital-ATV DX Records, updated 2017-06-01 by Ken W6HHC
24 GHz
124 KM JA6DME & JA6EES 2011‐11‐12
Locations Mont Ten‐Zan and Mont Ge‐Zan
10 GHz
450 KM HB9JBC & F4CXQ 2005‐06‐21
Locations JN40CT (Sardinia) and JN12OH (Spain)
93 KM G8GKQ & G8GTZ 2016-07-05
H.264 video - DVB-S protocol at 333 KSymb/s FEC=7/8. G8GKQ used RPI and DigiThin at 250 mW. G8GTZ used PIPO and DATV-Express at 3W.
Locations IO80WP (Povington Hill near Lulworth) and IO91GI (Walbury Hill)
32 KM G8GKQ & G8GTZ 2016-06-23
H.264 video - DVB-S protocol at 333 KSymb/s FEC=7/8. G8GKQ used RPI and DigiThin at 200 mW. G8GTZ used PIPO and DATV-Express at 5W.
Locations IO91JA (Lane End) and IO91JH (Hannington)
5.7 GHz
341 KM JL1BLF & JH1GED 2011‐08‐06
Locations Mont Chokai‐san and Mont Kashimayari‐gatake)
2.4 GHz
~ 1000 KM OR4ISS to IØKPT (one-way) 2014-03-08
~ 1000 KM OR4ISS to IK1SLD (one-way) 2014-03-08
Initial DVB-S protocol live video transmissions from HamTV in orbit aboard ISS SR = 1.34 MSymb/sec and 2.0 MSymb/s using SR-Systems exciter & MPEG2
Locations Orbit to Matera, Italy and also Orbit to Casale Monferrato, Italy
252 KM JA6SPI & JA5MFY 2009‐11-03
Locations ??
1.2 GHz
440 KM G4KLB to G1LPS 2010‐10‐11
Locations IO90BR and IO94EQ
(tropospheric ducting ‐ one‐way DATV)
419 KM G4KLB & MØDTS 2010‐10‐11
Locations Bournemouth, England and Yarm, England
(tropospheric ducting)
379 KM VK3RTV(RPTR) & VK7EM 2011‐02‐23
Locations Mount Dandenong, Victoria and Penguin, Tasmania
(operators VK3BFG, VK3DQ , VK3WWW and VK3TRX)
252 KM JA5GYU & JA6JNR 2009‐11-03
(1 Watt)
70 CM
696 KM F1FY to G8GTZ 2013‐09‐24
(DVB‐S 2MS/sec FEC=1/2 ‐ ‐ one way reception)
696 KM G8GTZ to F1FY 2013‐09‐25
(DVB‐S 2MS/sec FEC=1/2 ‐ ‐ one way reception reported by FM)
Locations IO91KH (near Basingstoke) and JN16VB (near Roanne, France)
600 KM DBØTAN (repeater) to F9ZG 2014-11-28
DVB-S - one-way DATV - Tropospheric ducting (signal 25 dB S/N over ca) Locations Wasserkuppe (Hesse state, Germany) to IN99KC (Normandy, France)
528 KM G3PYB & F5AGO 2013‐09‐24
(DVB‐S 2MS/sec)
Locations near W YORKSHIRE and JN06DP (near Poitiers, France)
501 KM W4HTB & WB8LGA 2014‐07‐26
(DVB-T QPSK FEC=1/2 2 MHz Bandwidth) - Tropospheric ducting
Locations Bowling Green, KY and Marengo, OH
235 KM G8GTZ & F9ZG 2016‐06-12
H.264 video - DVB-S protocol at 125 KSymb/s using DATV-Express w/ 19-ele yagi
Locations JO00HU (Fairlight near Hastings) and IN99KC (near Cherbourg)
121 KM KH6HTV to KØRZ 2011‐11-21
(video resolution HDTV 1080i ‐ protocol ITU‐T/J.83B QAM‐64 ‐ one‐way DATV)
Locations Cheyenne, Wyoming and Boulder, Colorado
144 MHz
294 KM G0MJW/A & G8LES 2016-12-29
tropo-ducting - H.264 video - DVB-S protocol at 125 KSymb/s with DATV-Express and 9-ele yagi at GØMJW. G8LES also used DATV-Express with 10-ele X-yagi. Both produced 25W ERP. - on 146.5 MHz - UK temporary band allocation
Locations IO83RO (Winter Hill) and IO91LC (Four Marks)
281 KM G8GTZ & G0MJW/A 2016-12-29
tropo-ducting - H.264 video - DVB-S protocol at 125 KSymb/s with DATV-Express and 9-ele yagi at G8GTZ. GØMJW also used DATV-Express with 9-ele yagi. Both produced 25W ERP. - on 146.5 MHz - UK temporary band allocation
Locations IO91KF (near Basingstoke) and IO83RO (Winter Hill)
237 KM F3YX to F9ZG 2011-11-09
DVB-S protocol at 1000 KSymb/s using modified SR-Sys MiniMOD (one-way) on 145.0 MHz experimental license 5-Minute max
Locations JN18AP (near Limours, France) to IN99KC (near Cherbourg, France)
195 KM GW8VPG & G8GTZ 2016‐12-11
DVB-S/H.264-video protocol at 333 KS/s - GW8VPG using DATV-Express w/ 9-ele G8GTZ also used DATV-Express w/ 9-ele yagi on 146.5 MHz - UK temporary band allocation
Locations IO81LS (Blorenge Mountain in South Wales) and IO90JO (Isle of Wight)
50 KM MØDTS & G1LPS 2015‐02-21
H.264 video - protocol DVB-S at 333 KSymb/s using experimental DATV-Express on 146.5 MHz - UK temporary band allocation
Locations North York Moors, England and Spennymoor (County Durham), Eng
50 MHz
64 KM G8ADM to G8LES 2015‐02-10
DVB-S protocol at 1.133 MSymb/Sec with FEC=3/4 (one-way) on 51.2 MHz using 200W avg Pwr Out and BW approx 1.5 MHz
Locations North of Harrow (IO91TO) to North of Alton in Hampshire
See more details at www.von-info.ch/hb9afo/records/recordse.htm

Due to the popularity of the pdf version of issue 7, it has been decided to produce a properly formatted pdf version, as well as the usual ones, from issue 8 onwards.

ISS to transmit DATV

ISSThe international space station is planning DATV transmissions on 13cms. Full details have not yet been formally released by ESA and ARISS but some details are available here. http://www.amsat.org.uk/iaru/

CQ-DATV can be read on a PC

BATCFor those of you that want to read CQ-DATV on a PC, download the ePub file and then go to https://play.google.com/books and drag the file into "my books" it will upload and you can then read it in your browser without any additional software.

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